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America Saves Challenge

Get ready for the America Save Challenge

Tracking Form-01-13s Challenge Feb. 24-March 2!

Setting a goal is the first step in taking charge of your finances.  But how do you stay on track to meet that goal?  The America Saves Challenge will help you do just that!

As part of America Saves Week (February 25-March 2, 2013), a time set aside annually to promote good savings behavior, the Cooperative  Extension system is launching an online challenge called “2013 America Saves Challenge.”  This free five-week program, open to anyone who enrolls online, will be held from Sunday, February 24,  through Saturday, March 30, 2013.  Prizes will be awarded for participants who report the highest point totals at the end of each week and at the end of the challenge.

To enroll, visit the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ Challenge Web site at  Set up a user name and password and download a one-page user’s guide with instructions about how to proceed. Enroll in the Challenge titled “2013 America Saves Challenge.” This challenge will be among a list of names of online challenges that are currently available.

It has been well documented that, when people monitor their behavior and measure how they’re doing, they are often inspired to do better and achieve positive results.  Participants in the America Saves Challenge are “on their honor” to report their activities accurately.  If they “cheat” on reporting their points, they are only cheating themselves by not following the recommended financial practices.

The America Saves Challenge is based on the performance of ten recommended financial practices on a daily basis. Ten points are given for performing each one for a maximum of 700 points per week and 3,500 points for the entire challenge (700 x 5 weeks). “The Challenge is a great way to convert personal financial goals, like saving money and learning about investing, into daily action steps,” notes Dr. Barbara O’Neill, Extension Specialist in Financial Resource Management for Rutgers

Daily motivational messages will also be provided to participants. Paper tracking forms can be downloaded to keep track of daily activities until they are entered online.

Doing even one of the ten recommended daily financial practices is a great way to get started on the path to increased personal wealth and financial security. The more America Saves Challenge activities that participants perform, the better their financial progress. To participate in the America Saves Challenge, visit, register an account, and enroll in the “2013 America Saves Challenge.”



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