Bermudagrass Stem Maggot Population Building in the Panhandle

Bermudagrass Stem Maggot identified in Holem County Bermudagrass hay field.  Photo Credit:  Liza Garcia-Jimenez
Bermudagrass Stem Maggots have been identified in Gadsden County Bermudagrass. Photo Credit: Liza Garcia-Jimenez

Bermudagrass hay farmers need to scout their fields for Bermudagrass Stem Maggots. I just discovered a big infestation here at the North Florida Research Center (NFREC) which is first one in two years in North Florida that we are aware of. Also, Liza Garcia has been scouting fields from Jackson County west and also found some flies in increasing numbers the last few weeks. Populations appear to be back and potentially building up to damaging numbers.

Stem maggots are a relatively new pest of Bermudagrass hayfields in the Southeast.
Be on the lookout for dead stems in your Bermudagrass fields.

[important]Growers should scout their fields for dead stems and cut the hay before it gets worse, or spray pyrethroid insecticides on young fields with the potential to produce high quality hay.[/important]

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Posted: August 7, 2015

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Bermudagrass Stem Maggot, Forage & Pasture, Hay, Insects, Panhandle Agriculture, Pest Alert, Pest Management

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