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UF experts: Salvage native plants from construction sites for future use

November 9, 2021

Sometimes, good ideas are borne from opportunity. When Kayla Hess was working on her master’s thesis from the University of Florida, she sampled a wetland on a proposed development site just north of Gainesville. In the process, she found ... READ MORE

Tags: Basil Iannone, Construction, Harvest, Kayla Hess, Landscape Ecology, Nursuries, Plants, Replant, Salvage, School Of Forest Fisheries And Geomatic Sciences, Taylor Clem, Trees, UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County, UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County, Vegetation

UF study: Place bags on peaches to help keep pests, diseases away

October 25, 2021

Peaches are popular, with annual national production of about 806,000 tons. To help keep pests and diseases from damaging the fruit, growers can place bags around individual peaches, University of Florida researchers say. David Campbell, ... READ MORE

Tags: Bags, Covers, Danielle Treadwell, David Campbell, Disease, Harvest, Horticultural Sciences, Market, Organic, Pathogens, Peaches, Pests, Plant Science Research And Education Unit

As peach harvest begins, UF scientists find rootstocks that survive flooding

April 13, 2021

As you bite into a peach, remember farmers are harvesting the fruit this month and next in Florida. Those growers and University of Florida scientists are always concerned about flooding because it can damage peach trees permanently and cause ... READ MORE

Category: Agribusiness, AGRICULTURE
Tags: 'Flordaguard', 'MP-29', Ali Sarkhosh, College Of Agricultural And Life Sciences, Damage, Flooding, Fruit, Harvest, Horticultural Sciences, Hurricane, Peaches, Resistance, Rootstocks, Scions

New study shows why strawberries must keep (their) cool

February 16, 2021

Right about now, if you eat a Florida strawberry, odds are it’s going to taste oh-so-good. That’s no accident. Strawberries are in season, and those you see at the grocery store should be shipped and stocked at the right temperature, says ... READ MORE

Category: SFYL Hot Topic
Tags: Antioxidants, Chill, Cold Chain, Harvest, Horticultural Sciences, Jeff Brecht, Market, Refrigeration, Shipping, Strawberries, Supply Chain, Temperatures

UF/IFAS findings show less need for pesticide to control strawberry pest

December 8, 2020

It’s harvest season for Florida’s $300 million-per-year strawberry season, so those who grow this fruit need help to control pests such as the tiny (up to 2-millimeters long), destructive chilli thrips. Farmers often use pesticides to ... READ MORE

Category: AGRICULTURE, Pests & Disease, SFYL Hot Topic
Tags: Chilli Thrips, College Of Agricultural And Life Sciences, Crop Damage, Entomology And Nematology, Gulf Coast Research And Education Center, Harvest, Integrated Pest Management, Oscar Liburd, Pesticide, Sriyanka Lahiri, Strawberries

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