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Tag: Ann Blount

UF/IFAS-developed Ryegrass Donated to Panhandle Ranchers After Hurricane Michael

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — In the days after Hurricane Michael swept through the Florida Panhandle last October, residents assessed the damage while relief workers and aid traveled into the area to start the recovery process. For… Read More

Two new limpograss cultivars released for select Florida cattlemen

Cutline below GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The University of Florida, in partnership with Florida Foundation Seed Producers Inc., has released two new limpograss cultivars so ranchers can increase the forage variety they feed their cattle. Florida… Read More

UF Releases New Bahiagrass Cultivar with Celebration Honoring Forage Pioneer Edwin Hall Finlayson, Longtime Agriculture Supporter Rep. Allen Boyd

By: Tom Nordlie – (352) 273-3567 Sources: Ann Blount –, (850) 482-9849 Allen Boyd, via Melanie Morris – (202) 225-5235 Jimmy Cheek –, (352) 392-1971 Mike Massey –, (800) 264-5281 View… Read More