UF/IFAS Faculty Receive Three Top USDA Awards

June 9, 1997

By: Chuck Woods (352) 392-1773 x 281 WASHINGTON, D.C.---A team of scientists and two faculty members from the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences will receive 1996 Honor Awards from the U.S. Department of Agriculture ... READ MORE

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Termites At The Statue Of Liberty

May 15, 1997

By: Chuck Woods (352) 392-1773 x 281 Source(s): Nan-Yao Su (954) 475-8990 Al Farrugio (212) 363-6604 Mark Gilberg (318) 357-6421 NEW YORK --- Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. OK, but nobody said anything ... READ MORE

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Grasshopper Gets Gator Nickname From UF Entomologists

May 12, 1997

By: Cindy Spence Source(s): Jason Squitier John Capinera (352) 392-1901, ext. 111 GAINESVILLE---When the Gators won the national football championship, suddenly "official" thingamajigs of the University of Florida Gators were popping up everywhere. Now ... READ MORE

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Spring Brings Out Slithery Snakes For Homeowners To See

April 7, 1997

GAINESVILLE---The warmer weather of a Florida springtime draws both people and wildlife out of hibernation -- a combination that makes snake-sightings much more common in April than any other time of the year. Just as snakes begin looking for ... READ MORE

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