UF/IFAS Wins 19 National Communication Awards

August 7, 1997

By: Carole L. Jaworski GAINESVILLE - Communication professionals with the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences received 19 national awards - more than any other state - at the international meeting of Agricultural ... READ MORE

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Ashley Wood Honored With Highest ACE Award

July 31, 1997

By: Carole L. Jaworski GAINESVILLE --- Ashley Wood, deputy director of Communication Services at the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, was recently honored with the Agricultural Communicators in Education's ... READ MORE

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U.S. Sugar Named To Florida 4-H Golden Circle Of Friends

July 30, 1997

By: Ami Neiberger, Florida 4-H Youth Devel GAINESVILLE---The U.S. Sugar Corporation has been named to the 4-H Golden Circle of Friends for its support of environmental education. Mike Richards, president of the Florida 4-H Foundation, presented ... READ MORE

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Electric Bug Zappers Useless For Controlling Mosquitoes

July 23, 1997

By: Chuck Woods (352) 392-1773 x 281 Source: Jonathan Day (561) 778-7200 GAINESVILLE---If mosquitoes and other insects are taking a bite out of your summer fun, don't bother with one of those electric bug zappers, says a University of Florida ... READ MORE

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Cheap Tiffany Jewelry UK

July 16, 1997

Q: The first Blue Book began in what time, it wants to convey to you is what is the concept? A: The first of the Blue Book began in 1845, Cheap Tiffany Jewelry currently displayed in the lobby of the office building. From 1845 began the first ... READ MORE

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Get Back To Nature To Chase Fireflies, UF Expert Says

July 3, 1997

By: Cindy Spence Source: James Lloyd (352) 392-1901, ext. 124 GAINESVILLE---If you want to know where all the fireflies have gone, the world's leading authority on them has some advice: Look for them. But you may have to look farther than ... READ MORE

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New Software Protects Florida Drinking Water

June 27, 1997

By: Carole L. Jaworski Source: Cornelis G. Hoogeweg, Arthur H (352) 392-1951 GAINESVILLE-A new computer software program, developed by a University of Florida graduate student from the Netherlands, will help protect Florida's drinking water ... READ MORE

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