Threatened Bluebird Making A Comeback In Central Florida

August 29, 1997

By: Sylvia K. Beauchamp Source(s): Findlay Pate (941) 735-1314 John Maddox (941) 773-6355 ONA---In the mid-1800s, poet Henry Thoreau penned "The bluebird carries the sky on his back." Back then, and even in the early 1900s, the small, colorful ... READ MORE

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Pandora jewelry UK

August 18, 1997

Pandora Jewelry stores Danish jeweler Pandora A / S (CPH: PNDORA) Pandora announced today second quarter results beat market expectations, so the slight increase annual revenue targets. Pandora Charms A / S (CPH: PNDORA) Pandora’s second ... READ MORE

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1997 Florida Organic Farming Workshop Slated Sept. 5

August 8, 1997

By: Carole L. Jaworski Source: Jim Ferguson (352) 392-1996, Ext. 302 GAINESVILLE - The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences is sponsoring the second annual Florida Organic Farming Workshop on Friday, Sept. 5. The ... READ MORE

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Growers Look To Blueberries For New Cash Crop

August 8, 1997

By: Sylvia K. Beauchamp Source(s): Thomas Obreza (941) 658-3400 Paul Lyrene (352) 392-4711 GAINESVILLE---The conventional wisdom that says blueberries belong up north with apples and peaches is being turned on its head by University of Florida ... READ MORE

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