Return ‘Em Right releases Spanish education component

Florida’s red snapper season opened June 1, and with it comes the release of a new tool to help anglers sustain the species’ population for years to come: a Spanish-language edition of Return ‘Em Right’s online education module.

The stomach protrudes from the mouth of a red snapper experiencing barotrauma. (Courtesy of Return ‘Em Right)

The Return ‘Em Right program launched in 2022 to provide Gulf of Mexico reef fish anglers with knowledge and tools to improve the survival rates of released fish suffering from barotrauma. Barotrauma refers to pressure-related injuries fish experience when reeled from depth. The expansion of gases in the body displaces organs and often leaves fish bloated and unable to return to depth on their own.

By completing a 15-minute, online review of best practices, Gulf of Mexico anglers who fish for federally managed reef fish, including snapper, grouper, amberjack and tilefish, are eligible to receive $100 of free release gear to use out on the water.

Return ‘Em Right’s educational module – now offered in both English and in Spanish – provides a thorough review of best release practices, including how to use venting tools as well as descending devices that help safely release fish at the depths they were caught. This improves survival, allowing fish to reproduce and keeps reef fisheries healthy.

Return ‘Em Right’s Spanish initiative was triggered by popular demand.

“Due to an influx of Spanish-speaking community members who participated in Return ‘Em Right in 2023, the team developed a Spanish-language version of the education module to better communicate best release practices to diverse audiences,” said Nick Haddad, the organization’s sustainable fisheries communications manager.


Para accesar a esta comunicación en español, utilice este enlace. 

About Return ‘Em Right

Return ‘Em Right is a program that aims to reduce catch and release mortality from fish suffering from barotrauma in the Gulf of Mexico. The program is led by Florida Sea Grant, University of Florida, Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission, NOAA and a coalition of anglers, industry groups, state agencies, universities, government and non-government organizations committed to maintaining healthy fish stocks and fishing access in the Gulf of Mexico. The project was selected by the Deepwater Horizon Open Ocean Trustee’s as part of a 2019 Restoration Plan.


Megan Winslow
Posted: June 6, 2024

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