O say, can you see…A new Florida strawberry!

You’ve seen red strawberries. You may have seen white strawberries, AKA ‘Pineberries.’ They’re even sold in some major supermarkets now.

Now how about some red, white and blue strawberries to make your 4th of July celebration really pop?

Today we’re introducing ‘Star-spangled,’ a new kind of strawberry developed by UF/IFAS scientists. Our taste testers say ‘Star-spangled’ has notes of kiwi and banana and reminded them of one of those refreshing frozen tri-colored treats popular with kids around the 4th of July. With that flavor profile, it’s sure to be a hit with many consumers.

Strawberries are an important crop in Florida, where the fruit has an estimated $300 million annual impact on the state’s economy and covers 12,000 acres. UF/IFAS researchers have been breeding strawberries for 70 years that resist pests and diseases, heat, drought and more. ‘Sensation’ gave farmers and consumers longer shelf life and better flavor. ‘Brilliance’ improved those traits even more. In 2020, our scientists came out with the white ‘Pineberry,’ so called because it has a sweet flavor with a subtle pineapple aroma.

“UF/IFAS is the home of plant breeding innovation, and ‘Star-spangled’ showcases our passion for making the best produce in country even better. And, let me tell you, this strawberry is delicious,” said Scott Angle, UF senior vice president of agriculture and natural resources and leader of UF/IFAS.

Our breeders are still perfecting ‘Star-spangled’, so you won’t find in your grocery store any time soon. For now, you’ll just have to imagine it — miles of strawberry fields that look like the American flag.

We hope you enjoyed April Fools’ 2023.


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Posted: April 1, 2023

Category: Agriculture, Crops, UF/IFAS Research
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