Find Your Frugal: More ways to curb school supply costs

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  • The ripple effects of the yearslong COVID pandemic continue to surface in economies worldwide, and school supplies are not exempt.
  • With stores stocking up on school supplies that cost more than last year, finding ways to save are top-of-mind as parents and teachers work to get students and classrooms ready.
  • To help parents and teachers find more ways to save, experts at University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science offer additional research-based information and tips to curb those expenses in this next Find Your Frugal

With inflation on the rise, saving money on school supplies will require a different set of tactics this year. While parents, guardians and teachers can plan for potential savings with the 2022 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday through August 7, there are other strategies to keep your budget from tipping.

“Having a budget, no matter what stage of life you’re in, is always helpful, especially when your goal is to organize your finances,” says Jenny Rodriguez, one of several UF/IFAS Extension agents through the state specializing in family and consumer sciences. “Creating that budget and shopping smart for back-to-school supplies is the key to saving money.”

Here, Rodriguez adds more strategies to her previous list of ways to save on school supplies this year:

  • Avoid impulse purchases. Knowing what you are going to buy ahead of time is key. So, plan, make a list, and check it against what you already have at home.
  • Create a budget using a financial application on your cell phone or computer. There are so many apps and resources to use that are free and adjustable to meet your needs. Here is a list to get your started.
  • To save money, take advantage of store coupons. Some stores offer their own coupons. Sign up and use them. You can always unsubscribe at your convenience.
  • Remember that you can also use cash-back options. Many credit cards have cash-back options. If you plan them accordingly, you can use them to pay for items as long as you have accounted for them.
  • Use more than one source of savings. Cash-back options differ from traditional coupons, but in some cases, they may be offered in addition to your coupon savings. Read the stipulations to see what you can and cannot do.


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Posted: July 27, 2022

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