Natural resource Extension agents win big at ANREP awards

UF/IFAS Extension agents have received 10 Association of Natural Resource Extension Professional awards, recognizing exceptional programs and education on natural resources issues. Award recipients will be honored at the annual conference in June.

ANREP is a national association for Extension professionals working in natural resource areas including environmental education, fisheries, forestry, water, wildlife and other related disciplines. The ANREP Awards Program recognizes Extension agents who develop and deliver outstanding natural resource programs. The awards honor members and the educational materials and programs they have developed.

“Year after year, our UF/IFAS Extension natural resources faculty are recognized nationally by winning a significant number of awards as a result of their topnotch educational programs,” said Saqib Mukhtar, associate dean for agriculture and natural resources programs with UF/IFAS Extension. “Congratulations to my colleagues for receiving 10 national awards, an impressive achievement again this year.”

The full list of awards include:

  • Book or comprehensive program curriculum
    • Gold Award, Selling Logs from your Property: A Curriculum package
      • Lauren Grand, Alicia Christiansen, and Francisca Belart from Oregon State University, Tamara Cushing with UF/IFAS, Chris Schnepf of University of Idaho, Kelsey Ketcheson and Kevin W. Zobrist from Washington State University
    • Bronze Award, Junior Water Academy Curriculum
      • Lisa Krimsky, Natalie Parkell, Jessica Moses, and Madison Borman
  • Long publication
    • Bronze Award, Standardized Invasive Species Terminology
      • Basil V. Iannone III, Emily C. Bell, Shannon Carnevale, Jeff E. Hill, Julie McConnell, Martin Main, Stephen F. Enloe, Steven A. Johnson, James P. Cuda, Shirley M. Baker, and Michael Andreu
  • Newsletter or series of articles
    • Gold Award, Panhandle Outdoors e-Newsletter
      • Andrea Albertin, Jennifer Bearden, Ray Bodrey, Shelia Dunning, Scott Jackson, Molly Jameson, Daniel Leonard, Erik Lovestrand, Mark Mauldin, Danielle Sprague, Carrie Stevenson, Mark Tancig, Laura Tiu, Chris Verlinde, Kaylen Waters and Patrick Williams
  • Podcast or radio
    • Silver Award, Naturally Florida Podcast
      • Lara Milligan and Shannon Carnevale
  • Promotional and marketing materials
    • Gold Award, Promoting Naturally Florida Podcast
      • Lara Milligan and Shannon Carnevale
  • Televised Conference, Video Conference, Webinar
    • Bronze Award, World of Invasive Species: Insect Edition
      • Morgan Pinkerton and Tina McIntyre
  • Website apps and educational technology
    • Bronze Award, Wildlife Outdoor Leadership Camps: Virtual to Personal
      • Ronnie Cowan, Sheila Dunning, Brian Estevez, and Aly Schortinghouse
  • Early Career Leadership Award: Yilin Zhuang
  • Innovative program: Sustainable Floridians Benchmarking and Monitoring Program
    • Jennison Kipp-Searcy, Basil V. Iannone III, Pierce Jones, Nicholas Taylor, Alexander J. Reisinger, Eban Z. Bean, Mark Hostetler, Mark Clark, and Brooke Moffis and Patrick Bohlen from the University of Central Florida

More information on award winners can be found within the ANREP awards announcement.


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Posted: April 13, 2022

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