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Life on the Farm: Wyatt and Truett LaBarr

Growing up on a small hobby farm in Polk County, Florida, Wyatt, 8, and Truett LaBarr, 7, show that life on the farm sometimes means taking the farm to others. Wherever the two brothers go, chances are they have a furry or feathered friend in hand. 4-H members since they were 5 years old, they love educating others about their chickens, pigs, goats and rabbits, passing out baby chicks at the Florida State Fair or taking a rabbit to local preschools for agriculture show and tell.

Submitted by Diane Sharp

If you are looking for young kids that exemplify what It means to be a 4-Her, look no further than the LaBarr Brothers.Wyatt (8) and Truett (7), of Southern Variety 4-H in Polk County, Florida. The LaBarr Brothers grew up on a small hobby farm, in Lakeland,Florida, where they learned at a very young age to love and care for their feathered and furry friends. They joined 4-H at the age of 5 and have been very active and Involved members of their club ever since.

They not only take pride in what they do with their animals but love to pass their love and passion for farm life on to others. During fair season, you will find Wyatt and Truett lending a helping hand in the barn. Whether it be collecting chicken eggs from the exhibitor’s pens, cleaning up a friend’s hog pen so they can participate in another activity, or passing out baby chicks at the Ask-Me -Booth at the Florida State Fair. The LaBarr Brothers are always the first to volunteer for the task. You’ll always find the boys with a smile on their face willing to offer a helping hand. They also love to share their knowledge (especially of poultry) with those around them. Often, you will find them wondering around the barn, chicken in hand, sharing with those young and old the facts about chickens.

In their spare time, they spend time on the farm, giving “tours’ to their friends and local neighborhood kids and they even take their animals to local preschools and use them to teach the children about farm animals. Although the boys love their chickens, they also are very knowledgeable about pigs, goats, and rabbits, and always have an animal entourage. The love of their animals and farm life is what originally led them to 4-H but they quickly found that 4-H was not only for those that had a farm. Wyatt and Truett both have competed in several baking and art competitions (many of which they won), participated in fundraisers, given demonstrations and they recently accepted the proclamation of Agri-fest from the County Board of Commissioners.

These boys exhibit the qualities of loyalty, service and community that 4H prides itself on. Although young, they know it takes hard work and a helping hand to make things on a farm run smoothly and you will see those qualities spill over into their day to day life. The LaBarr Brothers are truly living to make their club, community, country and world a better place to live.



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