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UF Extension Fact Sheets Offer Energy-Saving Information

Gainesville, Fla. — Planning to buy a new ceiling fan for your bedroom? Want to make some easy changes to increase your home’s energy efficiency? Wondering if it’s time to replace that 12-year-old refrigerator? Confused about what features to look for when purchasing a new air conditioner? The University of Florida, with the support of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, has developed some answers.

Over the past two months, the statewide UF extension service has released a series of 20 fact sheets with a common theme: conservation of energy and water. The fact sheets give the reader information about making wise, energy- and water-efficient choices when purchasing, occupying or maintaining their home.

“Everyone is concerned about soaring energy costs and water conservation, but the problem is more challenging here in Florida because our population continues to increase by more than 800 residents every day,” said Pierce Jones, director of UF’s Program for Resource Efficient Communities. “That kind of growth, along with the needs of our existing population for energy and water, is taking a tremendous toll on the state’s natural resources.”

“There are many ways that people can save energy and water in their homes and landscapes, which will help not only the state’s natural resources, but their own economic situations as well,” he said.

Topics covered by the fact sheets include: air conditioning, ceiling fans, the duct system, fluorescent lighting, water heaters, irrigation, windows and skylights, and the energy and water connection, etc. They are posted under the “Sustainable Living” heading on UF Extension’s Web site, and can be viewed online or printed on demand.