UF Researchers Seek Help On Miami-Dade Agricultural Survey

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MIAMI—To evaluate the long-term outlook for agriculture in Miami-Dade County, researchers with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences are asking farmers and agribusinesses to participate in a survey.

During the first two weeks of February, UF’s Florida Agricultural Marketing Research Center will send questionnaires to farmers and agribusinesses in Miami-Dade County who have not responded to previous mailings. “This will be the last opportunity for individuals to provide input for UF’s agricultural study,” said Robert Degner, professor of agricultural economics and project director with UF’s Department of Food and Resource Economics in Gainesville.

Results from the survey will help UF and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services develop recommendations to enhance the industry’s economic viability. “We want information and opinions from everyone with a direct, vested interest in the economic health of agriculture in the county,” Degner said.

Separate questionnaires are being sent to each of the major types of agricultural producers and agribusinesses in the area. Degner said individuals or businesses involved in several activities are likely to receive separate questionnaires for each activity. Each questionnaire is designed to address issues that are specific to a particular agricultural sector. All responses will remain confidential.

“Input from all involved individuals and businesses is essential in order to accurately reflect the sentiments of the entire agricultural community,” Degner said. “This survey represents an important opportunity for everyone with agricultural interests to make their collective views known to decision-makers in the community and state. Please encourage everyone to complete and return the questionnaires they receive.”

If there are questions, concerns or comments regarding the survey, please call Bob Degner or Tom Stevens at 1-800-4-UF-POLL (1-800-483-7655).



Posted: January 30, 2001

Category: UF/IFAS

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