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Q: The first Blue Book began in what time, it wants to convey to you is what is the concept?

A: The first of the Blue Book began in 1845, Cheap Tiffany Jewelry currently displayed in the lobby of the office building. From 1845 began the first of the Blue Book, Tiffany is committed to output every year the best works and innovative works. This year Tiffany Blue Book launch fine jewelry 98.

Tiffany Blue Book Every year the goal is to find the rare, beautiful, unique, valuable, meaningful gems to enhance our work, and every year we have always had three themes throughout:

The first one is the diamond, diamond jewelry, Cheap Tiffany UK has been the world’s most populous, most authoritative representative works.

It originated in our group founder Charles Lewis Tiffany jewelry brought from Europe, the arrival of these jewels make time Americans saw unprecedented learned was beautiful jewelry and European royalty in the end what kind of worn stones. It is in such an era of wealth in the United States began to have some more people up, they hope to get a better higher quality of life. And by the way Tiffany jewelry initially let everyone know the concept of high quality, so the Americans began to identify with Tiffany, Tiffany gave hope to the high quality of life that they want to help, but also hopes to guide Tiffany to a better life. The diamond is a symbol of the high quality of life, so every year is a major focus of diamond jewelry. Every year there will be a very important distinctive diamond.

The second is the unmatched quality and technology, this point in the annual works are very clear presentation. For example: In the beginning, founder of Mr. Charles buy diamonds when he was elected to the Juzuan of a super 250 kt. And at that time the traditional diamond cutting process are in much the United States, the more the number of large carat diamond jewelry is more good. But our Mr. Charles broke carat argument, he told our craftsmen in the United States as a diamond cutter to standard, not to mere weight, the results over 250 kt Juzuan final product only 128 kt, a large number of raw materials the loss is in pursuit of beautiful diamond works. This is also why the world-renowned Tiffany uk diamond reasons.

The third is colored gemstones, colored gemstones in this area, the focus of our attention are those unique rare gems by Cheap Tiffany Necklaces discovered this gem we hope to introduce to the world. For this year we will invite many gem buyers, go around the world collecting the most unique and rare gems. After buyers to find wonderful gems to us by the designer to design the most in line with the characteristics of the works in accordance with each gem stones are not the same brilliance. Show the best side is Tiffany jewel has been adhering to the concept.

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Posted: July 16, 1997

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