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Category: Pests & Disease

Q:  My camellia flowers normally stay on the tree for a long period of time but a few of the flowers turn brown and drop off quickly.  What is wrong?

flower blight

A:  There are environmental reasons for browning of camellia flower petals such as cold temperatures, too much sun or severe wind exposure.  However, there is a serious disease of camellias which can cause the flower petals to turn… Read More

Q:  I have this thorny, obnoxious vine growing over some of my shrubs and I want to get rid of it.  Can you tell me what it is and how to control it?


A:  Your vine belongs to the smilax family and is called Laurel greenbrier, Smilax laurifolia.  It is an evergreen vine which produces a large, starchy root.  The leaves are alternate, simple with a waxy covering.  If left unchecked,… Read More