June 2021 Nassau County Extension Service Report

June 2021

The University of Florida (UF) administers the Florida Cooperative Extension Service. The Nassau County Extension Service is a partnership between the University of Florida and the county government, providing research-based knowledge and expertise to the public.

The Nassau County Extension provides research-based knowledge in the following 4 Areas:

  1. Family and Consumer Sciences
  2. 4-H Positive Youth Development
  3. Natural Resources and Agriculture
  4. Horticulture

Nassau County Extension Service June 2021 Quick Summary

  • Total Educational Programs/Activities: 133
  • Total Participants: 565
  • Total Educational Publications: 16
  • Total Reach through Educational Publications: 73,711
  • Total Return of Investment (Savings to County): $21,553.80


The mission of the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Extension Agent is to bring the educational resources of the University of Florida to the people of Nassau County to improve their quality of in the areas of Health and Nutrition, Aging and Human Development, general Financial Management, and 4-H youth development.

Recognitions, Awards, Scholarships, Grants, Certifications

  • UF/IFAS Family and Nutrition Program Grant: $2,000 June

Educational Programs/Activities

  • Taught Medicare Literacy: Provided unbiased education to help Medicare-eligible citizens understand their Medicare Choices. In person and telephone Consultations: 21 participants: Agent – 19; Volunteer -2
  • Linked citizen to Healthcare.gov: Provided information and assistance to uninsured resident for health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Received $1,000 a month subsidy. In Person, Individual. Total 1
  • Taught Food Manager Certification Training and Exam: Per Florida Statute 509.039, all food service managers must receive training by a certified instructor. In-person class: 1 participant.
  • Taught 3 Classes – Bacteria: Middle school youth at the 4-H Entrepreneurship camp learned about bacteria and the science behind handwashing. In-person group class: 15 participants
  • Taught 3 Classes – Cross Contamination: Middle school youth at the 4-H Entrepreneurship camp learned about cross contamination and ways to control it. In-person group class: 15 participants
  • Taught 1 Class – Science of Handwashing: Middle school youth at the 4-H Vet Science camp. In-person group class: 10 participants
  • Taught 3 Classes with FCS Agent Duval County: Cottage Food Law, Business Plan, Labelling: High school youth at inner city youth center. In-person group class: 30 participants.

Total Programs/Consults: 11/21 Total Participants: 93

Educational Publications

Where is My Tax Refund? (Facebook https://www.facebook.com/meg.mcalpine); blog http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/nassauco; http://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/nassau/).

  • Reach 451

Extension Snapshot May Report (Facebook https://www.facebook.com/meg.mcalpine; blog http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/nassauco; http://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/nassau/)

  • Reach 278

Food Safety Certification ((Facebook https://www.facebook.com/meg.mcalpine (blog http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/nassauco; http://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/nassau/).

    • Reach 301

Consumer Fraud Alert – COVID-19 Vaccination Scams. Fernandina Beach Newsleader. (Facebook https://www.facebook.com/meg.mcalpine.

(blog http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/nassauco; http://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/nassau/).

    • Reach 10,421

Unbiased Medicare Assisstance. Fernandina Beach Newsleader. Reach 10,000

  • Total Publications: 5
  • Total Reach: 21,451

Interim County Extension Director

  • Edited, compiled, and submitted Extension May monthly report to County
  • Provided leadership/management to Agents and Staff
  • Participated in monthly UF/IFAS Northeast District County Extension Director Meeting
  • Performed fiscal responsibilities: extension county budget, UF/IFAS PCard approvals
  • Provided coordination with HR, DED, Agents, Staff for transition of oncoming CED/Horticulture Agent
  • Facilitated coordination for Interim Natural Resource/Ag Agent with DED
  • Provided updates about Miner Road Extension Building
  • Provided oversight to Master Gardener Volunteers regarding County Background Screening requirements and incoming CED/Horticulture Agent
  • Completed Incident Report and submitted to HR

Special Activities, Projects, Partnerships

  • Attended monthly FCS State Meeting
  • Attended UF/IFAS Food Safety Action Team Meetings (2 meetings Zoom)
  • Organized and facilitated monthly office meeting
  • Attended UF/IFAS Diversity Workshop

Service to County Government and University

  • Acting Interim CED
  • Attended UF/IFAS June CED Meeting
  • Presented Nassau County Extension monthly reporting guidelines to N.E. District CED’s
  • Coordinated UF/IFAS Customer Satisfaction Survey with County Faculty and Staff

Return of Investment (Savings to County): $6,708.80

  • Volunteer Hours: Total: 4 with a value of $108.80 (Independent Sector gathers data and conducts research on volunteerism in the nonprofit sector. The estimated national value of each volunteer hour is currently $27.20).
  • Family Nutrition and Education Grant $2,000
  • Medicare Consults: $2,100 (According to Consulting.com, average hourly healthcare consulting fee: $100)
  • Medicare Subsidies and Healthcare.gov subsidized premium received by county residents: $1,600 (Part B Premium paid by State, Part D by Federal)
  • Agent led educational efforts, excluding Income Tax and Medicare Activities/Assistance, valued at $50 an hour: 18 hours = $900

Upcoming Program Announcements

  • July 27 Food Manager’s Certification Class and Exam, as required by Florida Statutes 509.038. Contact Meg McAlpine (904)570-5713
  • June 15, 21 – Financial Issues for Seniors – Conviva Callahan
  • July 14 4-H Cloverbud Camp
  • Medicare Literacy: Appointment Only Meg McAlpine (904)570-5713


The 4-H Agent mission is to provide educational programs for positive youth development and overseeing fundraising, record-keeping, marketing, working with the Nassau County 4-H Association, and ensuring compliance with state and national policies. 4-H Agents recruits, trains, and retains youth and adult volunteers.


4-H Horse Camp a Galloping Success!

Summer just is not the same without 4-H camps. Even though 4-H did not offer its usual residential camp, Cherry Lake, the summer is still clover green with a variety of day camps. 4-H Agent Kelsey Irvine kicked off the summer with a 4 day introductory horse camp with help from a long-term 4-H volunteer Patti Walker and Hippology Club members Lauren, Lainey, Raelin, and Emily. Having volunteers and youth peer-teachers help with camps allows for 4-H to showcase our collective knowledge and skills. Together we were able to teach 10 youth the fundamentals of horsemanship including safety, colors and riding styles, care, anatomy, use and types of equine equipment, and even the basics of riding. Campers also painted and competed in a model horse show, created art with horseshoes, and made their own tie dye camp shirts. Per tradition Love A Horse camp ended with a group trail ride at Diamond D. When asked campers about their camp experience they said they made new friends, learned lots of new things, and discovered a new hobby.

One camper exclaimed, “How does horse camp go by so fast?!” with another replying, “well time goes by fast when you’re having fun!”

For all photos from this and our other day camps, please visit the Nassau County 4-H Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NassauCounty4H

Recognitions, Awards, Scholarships, Grants, Certifications

  • Selected to present at National Conference – NAE4-HYDP in November

Educational Programs and Activities

  • Facilitated Florida 4-H State Virtual Horse Club – Equine youth education. Virtual group meeting: 8 Participants.
  • Developed and Taught Summer 4-H Days of Camp
    • Love A Horse: 4 Day Camp: In-person group: 10 participants, 5 volunteers
    • Introductory program that taught equine sciences to campers about the fundamentals of horse care, tack, riding, and vocabulary.
  • Exploring Veterinary Science: 4 Days of Camp: 9 participants, 1 volunteer
    • This new day camp taught campers about veterinary sciences through skills, practices/demonstrations, field trips, and lectures.
  • Taught Virtual Horse-Riding Challenge. Youth learned how to improve their horse-riding skills. Virtual group: 40 Participants.
  • Led Volunteer training and orientation for upcoming summer day camps. 1 participant.
  • Assisted parents, club leaders, schoolteachers, and other volunteers through direct consultations and education. 4 consultations.
  • Provided consultations about 4-H, programming, clubs, events, etc. to public. 9 consultations
  • Collected and Judged 14 youth project and record books
  • Provided oversight of community club meetings: 4 active clubs reaching 44 youth.
  • Assisted 3 new club leaders, and 14+ returning volunteers in new volunteer management processes and screening.
  • Total Programs/Activities: 10/45
  • Total Contacts: 179

Educational Publications

  1. Updated 2 google sites: Nassau County 4-H and the Statewide Virtual Horse Club website websites https://sites.google.com/view/nassau-county-4-h/; https://sites.google.com/view/4-hvirtualhorseclub
  2. Updated 4 Facebook pages: Nassau County 4-H, Hoofbeats Hippology, Youth Emergency Team, 4-H Intentional Riding Challenge Group

Special Activities, Projects, Partnerships

  • Guest Speaker at Women of Influence Conference, Nassau County. In-person: 38 participants

Services to County Government and University

  • Accepted National EDEN delegate role for Florida
  • Co-chair for FAE4-HA communicator awards, judged over 40 awards as well as facilitated submissions for National level judging
  • Chair for the Area North Horse Show committee
  • Assisted State Horse Show Planning committee


  • Agent led educational efforts or consultations valued at $50/hour. 72 hours= $3,600
  • Volunteer Hours: Total 21 – with a value of $505
  • (Independent Sector gathers data and conducts research on volunteerism in the nonprofit sector. The estimated national valueof each volunteer hour is currently $24.04).

Upcoming Program Announcements

  • Summer Day Camps Available now! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/152000921849
  • State Horse Show, July 8-10
  • Annual 4-H Banquet and Celebration, July 30
  • 4-H Club Leader Interest Night, August 8
  • 4-H Open House August 20


Inspiring Entrepreneurship in 4-H Youth

Sixteen Nassau County Youth, ages 11 to 16, participated in an 8 day Future Entrepreneurs Day Camp. This was a joint partnership between Nassau County 4-H, the Nassau County School District and the Nassau County Career Technical Education Center. Funding for the camp was provided by a competitive Florida Department of Education grant in the amount of $50,000.00.

During the 64 hours of programming the youth worked in small teams to conceive of and develop a business plan and marketing materials for a simulated food truck business. These efforts included the creation of a business plan, a marketing plan, a menu design, a logo design, a promotional video, and a business vision statement. The final results of these efforts were evaluated by a panel of judges and the teams were given awards in different categories. Meg McAlpine also delivered 2 days of instruction to the youth on safe food handling and the prevention of contamination in the food service industry.

In addition to developing their food truck businesses, the youth also participated in 4 days of field trip visits to 8 Nassau County businesses, including a sign shop, a landscaping company, a pizza shop, a mini golf course, a machinery retail store, and a restaurant. During these site visits the youth had the opportunity to speak with successful business owners about the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. They learned from experts about how to start and grow a business. The youth also visited Food Truck City in Jacksonville where they interviewed 5 food truck owners and learned about the food truck industry in Florida.

In post program surveys, all youth (N 16) reported an increase in their knowledge of entrepreneurship. They also reported a greater self-confidence in their business abilities.

Recognitions, Awards, Scholarships, Grants, Certifications

Abstract accepted for the 2021 Extension Professional Association of Florida conference. I will be delivering an oral presentation, along with my lead volunteer, Sharyl Wood. The topic of the oral presentation is the success of our Youth Leadership Nassau program. We will be sharing strategies with other 4-H extension professionals around the state about how to implement a similar program with youth in their communities.

Educational Programs/Activities  

  • Nassau County 4-H Council. Facilitated, and taught. This group meets once a month to learn leadership and communication skills by managing 4-H events in Nassau County. Participants are elected to officer roles, and they run all meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order. In Person: 6
  • Future Entrepreneurs Camp. 16 youth participated in an 8 day summer camp to develop a food truck business plan, learn food safety and interview Nassau County business owners. I taught 15 hours of modules in film story boarding, business and personal vision statements, and creating a business logo.
  • Assisted parents, club leaders, schoolteachers, and other volunteers through direct consultations and education. May total: 6 6 participants.
  • Total Programs/Activities: 9/6
  • Total Participants: 132

Services to County, Government and University  

  • Attended the social media committee meeting at the University.
  • Attended the Leadership and Communications committee meeting at the University.

Upcoming Program Announcements  

  • 4-H mural painting camp. Youth will work with a professional artist tocreate a large, portable canvas mural at the Island Art Association of Amelia Island. July 19th to July 23rd.
  • Monsters, Crafts and Myths Camp: for days youth ages 8 to 14 will learnabout empath and perspective taking. They will also learn how to create fun crafts and art projects while learning about the monsters and heroes of Greek Mythology.

Return of Investment (Savings to County) $9,590

Volunteer Hours Total: 325 with a value of $8,840.00 (Independent Sector gathers data and conducts research on volunteerism in the nonprofit sector. The estimated national value of each volunteer hour is currently $27.20). Agent led activities valued at $50 an hour. 15 hours x $50 = $750.00


The Natural Resource and Agriculture Agent mission is to provide educational programs that promote natural resources and agriculture, such as promoting oyster restoration practices, invasive species management, best management practices for farms, Florida Master Naturalist Program.

Educational Programs/Activities

  • SEAS WAG Sustainable Tourism Canvas Course Meeting. Virtual 2 events, 5 participants
  • GTMNERR Oyster & Water Quality Task Force. Virtual. 1 event, 52 participants
  • Plastic-Free Restoration of Oyster Substrates (PROS) Meeting. Co-presented Goffinsville Park Living Shoreline. Virtual. 1 event, 37 participants
  • Educational Consults: 2 agriculture consults

Total Programs/Activities: 4/2

Total Contacts: 98

Special Activities, Projects, Partnerships

  • Attended Northeast Estuarine Restoration Team Meeting (NERT)
  • Attended UF/IFAS Grantsmanship Workshop
  • Attended Northeast Florida Livestock Agents Group Meeting (NFLAG)
  • Facilitated Northeast Florida Master Naturalist Friends Group Meeting (NEFMNP)
  • Attended monthly UF/IFAS Nassau Extension staff meeting
  • Attended UF GTM NERR Science Collaborative Meeting


  • Soil Samples: 20
  • Landowner Consults: 5

Total Activities: 25

Total Participants: 25

Return of Investment to the County: $1,150

Savings to County Residents: $20 per soil sample x 20 = $400

Consults: $150 per consults x 5 = $750




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