Where is My Tax Return Refund?

Are you wondering – “Did the IRS receive my 2020 tax return? or “When will I get my refund?” The good news is you are not alone, and the bad news is the IRS is behind; however, don’t worry.

The IRS is behind in processing tax returns due to a culmination of circumstances such as pandemic-related issues, last-minute changes to the tax laws, and reduced staffing. Additional factors include a reduction in the IRS’s budget over the years and outdated systems and technology. As of May 1, 2021, millions of returns remain backlogged in IRS functions, including:

8.8 million returns in IRS Error Resolution System (ERS);

15.8 million 2019 and 2020 paper returns; and

5.5 million returns with processing errors or suspected identity theft issues requiring responses from taxpayers.

This means the IRS is holding over 30 million returns in total for manual processing, delaying millions of taxpayers from receiving their refunds.

To date, the IRS has already processed 116 million returns and issued 85 million refunds.

Until your tax return is fully processed, you will be in the dark, despite checking your mailbox, bank information, and the IRS’s Where’s My Refund tool and IRS2Go app. The tool and the app are only updated when the return is ultimately processed

You can call the IRS; however, about one out of every 50 calls get answered. If you do speak with a person, they may not be able to determine the status of your return. So, what can you do? Be calm and patient. Continue to check your bank, mailbox, or IRS website’s Where’s My Refund.

Source: National Taxpayer Advocate.


Posted: June 8, 2021

Category: Money Matters, Work & Life
Tags: Tax Refund

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