No fair? No fear! Nassau 4-H is showing from home

With the cancellation of the Northeast Florida Fair, we are creating a virtual livestock showmanship contest!
We understand that 2020 has been challenging and oftentimes disappointing for our youth. Many of the annual experiences needed to be canceled and year-long projects came to an anti-climatic conclusion.
Although we cannot bring the whole fair to a virtual space, we strongly believe in honoring our youth’s work by offering a virtual showmanship contest for all livestock participants.
About this Event

This showmanship contest is open to all 4-H and FFA youth who would normally have shown in the Northeast Florida Fair (contact Ms. Kelsey if you have any questions about this, we’re happy to accommodate you).

This event is FREE, however, all entries must be made by bonafide members. *Membership will be verified by county agents or FFA advisors.* Only verified entries will be placed.

When submitting your entry you must submit a YouTube link to your class that the judge will use. Youth will not be judged on their video quality, but clear videos do help the judge better see the finer details of the youth’s showmanship skills.

Classes will be placed by age category and species up to 6th place. Our judge, the wonderful Shelbi McCall, will provide you with quick feedback and tips for your future success. Ribbons will be mailed October 23rd, after the classes will be announced on the Nassau County 4-H Facebook page. Entries may be used, with permission, at a later date for educational purposes.

Species/Classes Available

  • Beef
  • Dairy Cow
  • Dairy Goat
  • Meat Goat
  • Sheep
  • Swine


  • 4-H: Junior (age 8-10), Intermediate (11-13), Senior (14-18)
  • FFA: Middle School, High School

This contest is graciously being sponsored by Nassau County’s Florida Farm Bureau and the Northeast Florida Fair.

To enter, upload your video to Youtube and register on the official EVENTBRITE. Registration opens October 1.

General Video Production Tips
  • Keep the recording device horizontal (not vertical) when shooting the video.
  • Stabilize the recording device (set it on a table, use a tripod, etc.) so the shot is steady.
  • Use natural lighting. For the best lighting, shoot on an overcast day.
  • Avoid cluttered backgrounds.
  • Videos should not include any past awards, banners, promotional materials, etc.
  • Videos should not include any other people in the background.
  • Videos should be shot on a flat surface. If the video is shot on grass, it should be a mowed lawn surface.
  • Do not use the zoom on the recording device – get physically closer instead.
  • No editing of the videos is allowed including text or audio is allowed.
  • Exhibitors should wear appropriate show clothing as if he/she were in the actual showing (no hats, t-shirts, shorts, etc.). FFA or 4-H uniform is encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Exhibitors should act, dress, and show as if they were in the show ring.
  • The exhibitor’s face and full body should be within the video frame at all times.
  • Animals should be cleaned and groomed as if show ring ready.

Our youth are resilient, however, we still need to make every effort to help them succeed. This may be one contest but it is one other piece we can give back to the next generation’s journey.

If you have any questions about registering or supporting this event, contact our office at 904-530-6353.


Posted: September 23, 2020

Category: 4-H & Youth, Agriculture, Livestock
Tags: 4-H, Fair, FFA, Livestock, Showmanship, Virtual Showmanship

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