Nassau County Extension Outstanding 2020 Achievements Recognized

The University of Florida/IFAS, Nassau County Extension Service is very proud to announce Nassau County Extension Agents’ outstanding contributions to the community and profession for 2020.

Rebecca Jordi, Justina Dacey, Kelsey Irvine, Ted Karsch, and Meg McAlpine diligently provide educational programs/information according to the UF/IFAS Statewide Initiatives:

  1. Increasing the sustainability, profitability, and competitiveness of agricultural and horticultural enterprises.
  2. Enhancing and protecting water quality, quantity, and supply.
  3. Enhancing and conserving Florida’s natural resources and environmental quality.
  4. Empowering individuals and families to build healthy lives and achieve social and economic success.
  5. Strengthening urban and rural community resources and economic development.
  6. Preparing youth to be responsible citizens and productive members of the workforce.

Rebecca, Justina, Kelsey, Ted and Meg were selected to present their programs and receive awards during the 2020 Extension Professional Association of Florida (EPAF) Annual Conference:

Oral Presentations:

Justina Dacey
Demonstration Living Shorelines: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Ted Karsch
4-H Teach Me in 3: An Innovative Approach to Traditional 4-H programs

Kelsey Irvine
Flying Lead Changes During COVID-19: Continuation of 4-H Equine Programming in the Virtual Space
Poster Presentation:
Ted Karsch
4-H Teach me in 3

Award Recipients:

Florida Association of County Agriculture Agenda (FACA)

Becky Jordi
Category: Bound Book. Zoe’s Mission.

Florida Association of Extension 4-H Agents (FAE4-HA
Kelsey Irvine
Category: Excellence in Teamwork Area North 4-H Show Committee: Alisha Hutchinson, Amanda Pittman, Beth Moore, Genevieve Mendoza, Geralyn Sachs, Jessica Cooper, Kelsey Irvine, Nicole Crawson, Stephanie Conner, Derby Sale, and Savanna Turner

Category: Individual Award: Excellence in Volunteerism and Service Award (both State and National Winner)

Florida Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (FEAFCS)
Meg McApline
Category: Food Safety: Team Laurie Osgood, Katherine Allen, Jill Breslawski, Nancy Gal, Jennifer Hagen, Wendy Lynch, Meg McAlpine, Ada MedinaSolorzano, Amy Mullins, Gabriella Murza, Natasha Parks, Maria Rometo, Julianne Shoup, Virgilia Zabala, and Kendra Zamojski

Congratulations to all our Extension agents on their achievements! We are so happy to have such amazing agents representing our County.


Posted: September 3, 2020

Category: Work & Life
Tags: Agents, County, Nassau

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