Coastal Invaders: Mother of Millions

Among the sandy dunes of northeast Florida, there’s a plant quietly replicating itself. It outcompetes our native beach species slowly altering the ecology. Mother of Millions (Kalanchoe x houghtonii) or sometimes called Chandelier plant, produces fully formed “baby plants” referred to as plantlets. These plantlets eventually fall off and sprout, creating a dense understory.

Mother of Millions Plantlets

On Amelia Island, Mother of Millions has been reported growing along many beach access points. You can identify it by looking for a tall succulent stalk that has green fleshy leaves with purple mottled coloration. In the spring tall stalks rise up. They produce tubular pinkish flowers that hang downward. Many consumers are unaware of this plants ability to invade and purchase them at local nurseries and big box stores.

The UF/IFAS Extension and the City of Fernandina Beach have been pulling up this coastal invader. Therefore, we need your help. Join us in learning how to identify, report and remove Mother of Millions from our pristine beaches. If you’d like to get further involved join our Facebook Group: UF/IFAS Coastal Invasive Species Removal.

If you’re unable to join, there are plenty of other ways you can help:

  1. Become an educated consumer and learn how to identify this plant
  2. Do not purchase at local nurseries or big box stores
  3. If you identify this plant in a natural area, report it using the I’ve Got One app
  4. Get involved with Northeast Florida invasive removals through the First Coast Invasive Working Group (FCIWG)
  5. If in other areas of Florida, check out your local Florida Invasive Species Partnerships (FISP)

For further questions, email Natural Resources and Agriculture Extension Agent Justina at



Posted: May 6, 2020

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