County Events: Photography and Graphic Design

The photography and Graphic Design contest are two options for youth to showcase their mastery and creativity during County Events season. Cloverbuds can submit entries for exhibition, but will not be judged. All other entries will be judged using the modified danish system. All blue entries move forward to the State contest, skipping District Events. All photos or designs must be completed by the youth within 1 year of date.
All entries will be displayed during the County Events Ceremony on March 13th.

All entries are due February 28th to the Nassau County Office.

Youth can enter up to 5 entries of photos at a County level, but they must be in different categories.

Youth are only allowed one entry in Graphic Design. Graphic Design entries should either focus on promotion of 4-H or a 4-H project.

Categories for photography are:

  • People
  • Animals
  • Plant/Flora
  • Scenic
  • Architectural Elements
  • Still Life
  • Hat Tricks and Magic
  • Photo Story

Black and White and 4-H Theme.
Photos submitted must be at least 800 pixels by 1000 pixels and saved as a JPEG. Youth can submit photos either on a flash drive or e-mailed to the agents. Alterations such as changing of color or applying design styles or filters, or using computer graphics will disqualify an entry. Minor edits such as cropping, adjusting lighting, and red eye reduction will be accepted. All photos must be submitted with a PHOTO RELEASE.

Categories for Graphic Design are:

  • Brochure: A tri-fold brochure that should contain information on both the front and back. It should be easily read and printed on 8 ½ x 11 inch sized paper.
  • Flyer: An 8 ½ x 11 inch paper that promotes 4-H or a 4-H related program, project, event, or activity.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: 5-10 slides and a script to accompany the presentation. For best presentation, include the script for each slide in the “notes” section of the PowerPoint.
  • Other (Any other promotional material- mini-books, bookmarks, postcards, etc.

Judging and rubrics

Photos will be judged on:

  • Focus
  • Lighting
  • Subject
  • Composition
  • Impact & Creativity

We recommend everyone interested in participating should download and review the GRADING RUBRIC ahead of time.

Here are two examples of photos of a horse in a pasture. Take advantage of the time of day and expression of your subjects to create a better image.

Graphic Design will be judged on:

  • Font Style and Graphics- 20 points
  • Flow of Design- 20 points
  • Color- 20 points
  • Educational Components- 20 points
  • Clear Delivery of Message- 20 points

Please review the GRAPHIC DESIGN RUBRIC for clarification on how your entry will be judged.

Moving On to State

All entries that receive a Blue award and are moving on to the State level competition require a few additional steps that must be completed by JUNE 1st.

Photos: Must be titled following this criteria Last Name, First Name_County_Age Division_Class. Your agents will submit all entries at one time to the state office.
Graphic Design entries that receive a Blue award must be submitted as a PDF file to move forward.

County Events registration is open now . To register, go to:

Additional Resources:

Full UF 4-H Photo Contest Description

Graphic Design Contest Guidebook

Full UF 4-H Graphic Design Contest Rules


Posted: February 18, 2020

Category: Clubs & Volunteers

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