County Events: Chef in Training & Fashion Revue

Not all of the County Events contests move on to the District level, and that’s okay! The Chef in Training and Fashion Revue contests showcases your youth’s mastery in either the fabric or culinary arts and is only available at the county level. Winners of these competitions will be highlighted during the County Events Ceremony.

Chef in Training

We love food! If your youth loves to cook this may be the perfect County Events contest for them.

To enter this contest your youth needs to pick a category and food group, cook it up, and submit their dish for tasting no later than 4:30pm on March 13th to the Callahan Extension Office.They may submit a maximum of 2 entries and they must be from different food groups and categories. Youth will receive 1 fair point total.

This individual contest is open to all ages of 4-H members. Intermediates & Seniors must do all the work unassisted, however Cloverbuds & Juniors may have adult assistance as needed. Mixes & pre-cooked items may only be used by Cloverbuds and Juniors.

Entry Categories:
  • appetizer
  • main course
  • side dish
  • dessert
Food Groups:
  • fruits and vegetables
  • dairy
  • protein
  • grains

The entire amount of one recipe must be submitted. Each submission must have an index card listing the name & age category of youth exhibitor ,the food group, category, & complete recipe. As much as possible, healthy recipes and ingredients should be used.

Entries will be judged on presentation, taste, difficulty, and completeness. In the event of a tie the complexity of the recipe will determine the winner
After judging, dishes will be shared at the County Events program. Awards will be presented at County Events on 3/29. All entries will be recognized by Modified Danish scoring. Cloverbuds will not be judged, but will receive a participation ribbon.

Take a look over the GRADING RUBRIC below to better understand how your dish will be scored.

Chef in Training Scoring Rubric

Fashion Revue

Sewing is a classic project for 4-H and the annual Fashion Revue is a great time to show off this talent. Fashion Revue was originally created to highlight garment construction. However, sewing skills go beyond just clothes so at the local level we have opened it up to more sewing options.
If it was sewn, it can be shown!

The categories are:

Personally Sewn: Can be just about anything including doll clothes, pillows, aprons, bags, and so on!
Repurposed: Taking an item of clothing or anything else and sewing it into something new/better!
1st Year Sewer: Giving sewing a try for the first time? Show us what you can do!

Each submission must include a written report (about 1/2 page) including:

  • Name, 4-H age, 4-H club and # of years sewing
  • Category
  • Total cost of producing the piece
  • Describe the piece and what techniques were used

*If your piece is in the repurposed category include a before and after picture & an Oral Commentary (at County Events) lasting only 1-2 minutes, with similar details as the written report with any interesting information added. Pieces should be modeled and showcased. Just like with any oral presentation the youth will be scored on poise, cleanliness, and confidence.

All entries will be proudly on display for the duration of the 3/13 contest. Awards will be announced at the end of the County Events program so that judges can read the reports.

Please review all guidelines and scorecard for more information.

Fashion Revue Scorecard

Fashion Revue Guidelines

If your family has any questions about these contests, please don’t hesitate to call us at (904) 530-6353.

Register here for County Events!


We look forward to seeing your youth’s masterpieces!


Posted: February 18, 2020

Category: Clubs & Volunteers

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