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Trending Diet Topic : Juices Fasts and Cleanses

The University of Florida and UF Health provides weekly research based information to its employees. Below is a brief summary  about the pros and cons regarding juice fasts and cleanses.

Juice fasts and cleanses: these diets claim to promote detoxification, giving the digestive system and metabolism a reset by eliminating most food groups for a period of time. Plant-based liquid diets (juices) are typically followed, while eliminating caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods.

The good: decreasing processed foods and cutting back on alcohol and caffeine can be beneficial

The bad: this is a highly restricted regimen, comprised of low fiber and minimal diet variety. Fatigue, inability to concentrate, and blood sugar fluctuations are common.

The verdict: our bodies, specifically liver, kidneys, and other organs, are highly efficient at detoxing and “cleansing.” The extreme restrictions of this diet can lead to difficulty planning meals and nutrient deficiencies.