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Foam Supermarket Trays

Supermarket Foam Tray Colors – What Do They Mean?

Supermarket Foam Trays Buying Guide

Popular in grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and delis, supermarket trays are important to have on hand in any place raw meats, poultry, seafood, or even fruit and vegetables are being sold. Not only do these trays enhance the look of your products, but they also provide a contained packaging system that assists in maintaining sanitary conditions for both the tray’s contents and other foods and surfaces that may come in contact with the tray.

Foam Tray Colors


Colored trays allow you and your staff to quickly identify product within your refrigerated storage, while also helping to keep inventory up to date. While there is no official color-coding system for foam trays, your establishment can certainly implement one catered to your menu based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, standard color guidelines. This system will help prevent biological, chemical, and physical hazards within your food production process.

Green: Mostly used for fruit or produce of any type.
Yellow: Mainly used for chicken.
Red: Primarily used for pork or red meat products.
Blue: Traditionally used for seafood products such as fish and crab cakes.
Black: Used for each type of food, but mostly higher end cuts of red meat.
White: Also used for each type of food, specifically regular cuts of meat.