Our Volunteers Rock: Wendy Priesand

The month of April is Florida 4-H Volunteer appreciation month! We are using this time to thank our non-traditional volunteers that enable us to inspire and educate the youth of Nassau County.

Showing off the peppers and tomatoes Ms. Wendy helped them plant!
Showing off the peppers and tomatoes Ms. Wendy helped them plant!

Wendy Priesand has been volunteering at America’s Youth for 5 years. This after school program serves children of all ages in Fernandina Beach. In fall 2016, Wendy reached out to 4-H seeking more educational activities for the youth in the program and thanks to her help, a new partnership was born! In 2017, Wendy helped facilitate two SPIN (SPecial INterest) clubs with the youth at the facility, one about insects and one focused on science. These hands-on programs helped youth gain knowledge and confidence. Recently, 4-H partnered with Wendy to help the youth plant a garden at their facility. As an experienced Master Gardener, Wendy has been planting a garden with these youth for several years. She teaches them about new kinds of fruits and vegetables and helps them learn how to grow their own food. This year additional lessons included the parts of plants and where different fruits and vegetables grow. The next SPIN club for fall 2018 is already in the works! In addition to assisting with gardening and 4-H programs, Wendy spends each Thursday at the facility helping youth with their homework and practicing reading. Wendy’s dedication is what inspires 4-H agents to continue to create programs for this facility and work with this awesome group of youth! Her positive attitude and encouragement help youth grow in self-confidence and the unique bond she has with them is extraordinary!

Thank you Wendy for being a fantastic volunteer!

You Rock!


Posted: April 23, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers

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