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I would like to grow some bulbs inside the house then later put them out in the landscape. Which ones would you recommend? EB

The easiest choice is amaryllis.  They come in a variety of solid colors and stripes.  Put the bulbs in a sunny window but be sure not to put them in direct sunlight just yet.  Plant the bulb in the center of the pot in well-drained potting media, taking care to press firmly around the bulb so that it is well seated. Encourage early flowering by keeping at least one half to two-thirds of the bulb above the soil line. Initial watering is necessary but not again until the bulb sprouts. When it does sprout, move the pot to a spot with direct sunlight and keep the soil moist but not over-watered. Fertilizer is not necessary at this point. Once the bloom opens, remove the plant from sunlight to prolong the life of the flowers.

When the flowers fade, take your plant outdoors and fertilize to encourage the growth of new leaves. This will help the plant store energy in the bulb so that it can flower in following years. Bulbs can be left in their original containers for two or more years before repotting is necessary. Amaryllis bulbs can be planted outdoors between September and January in Florida. They will perform best if planted in a spot with partial sun and well-drained soil. In heavy shade, they will be less vigorous and will flower poorly.

A few good choices of amaryllis are ‘White Christmas’, ‘Red Lion’, or ‘Apple Blossom’.  Good luck and have fun with them.