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Star jasmine

Q: What could be wrong with my Star Jasmine?

Q:  My Star Jasmine has leaves that are black at the tip to almost the center of the plant.  I water then weekly, what could be wrong?

A:  I was glad you brought some samples of the plants to me so I could better determine what might be wrong with them.     It is particularly confusing when there are so many plants we call jasmine.  Your plant is Star Jasmine, Jasminum multiflorum, which is also called Downy jasmine.  This particular plant is a fairly easy plant to grow and maintain as it tolerates most any type of soil and light conditions.  It is moderately drought tolerant therefore I suspect you are watering it too often.  Consider cutting back on watering during the winter to once every few weeks. Check the soil to be sure it is not too dry.  Never allow the roots to sit in water. Since we have seen damage on the leaves you might consider removing the plants from the pots and check out the roots.  If they are soggy and dark black then remove the soil, wash off the roots to determine how much of the root system is still viable or able to keep the rest of the plant alive. If you think the plants have enough root system to survive then consider repotting them. Throw away the old soil, clean the pots with a mild solution of water and bleach. Dry the containers completely and replace the old soil with new, well-drained, sterile soil.  Good luck and keep me posted on their progress.