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Q: We need some ideas for evergreen plants that can tolerate damp or wet areas.

A:  The most limiting factor is the combination of evergreen and wet, however we do offer some good choices for this Northeast Florida .  Some possible evergreen shrub choices include clumping bamboo: Hedge Bamboo – Bambusa multiplex or B. glaucescens or Fountain Bamboo but avoid Golden Bamboo which is classified as a Category II invasive.  A Category II is listed on the Florida Exotic Plant Pest Council list as those plants that may be of some concern as they have increased in abundance but have not shown ecological damage.  Other choices are Euonymus, Japanese fatsia, several hollies, ligustrum, Southern Wax Myrtle, Oleander and Fragrant Tea Olive.  Larger tree possibilities are magnolias, oaks, pines or Sweet Bay.  Other plants, including some deciduous examples, Landscape Plants for Wet Sites.