Q: I will be bringing my plants indoors. I have heard it will help to add aspirin to the soil to help prevent disease. Is that true?

A: I was unable to find any research information regarding adding aspirin to soil to prevent plant disease. There is extensive research which documents aspirin provides no benefit if added to the water of cut flowers. I see no reason to add an anti-inflammatory chemical to the soil of any plant. I would be more concerned about one of my pets finding the pill attractive and it potentially causing problems for the animal.

When bringing plants indoors which they are normally outside let us consider a few important things. This will be a major change for the plant regarding air circulation, water and light exposure. Keep the plant in as similar a light exposure as possible. Avoid over watering as this can potentially kill any house plant. Winter is the dormant season for most plants therefore consider delaying any fertilizing until it is time to put the plant back outside. If the plant develops leaf spots or browning, consider bringing it to one of our plant clinics for an examination. We can determine if the problem is caused by a disease pathogen or an insect and then prescribe the appropriate mode of action.


Posted: July 18, 2017

Category: Home Landscapes
Tags: Aspirin, House Plants, Indoor Plants

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