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cat with plant

Q: Is Schefflera poisonous to my cat?

Q:  My cat loves to chew on plants and a friend gave me a really pretty variegated Schefflera plant. My cat chews on any foliage plant – even plastic ones.   Is Schefflera poisonous to my cat?

A:  I am using Cornell University site as my resource for answering your question – they have a long list of poisonous plants we should keep away from our pets. Cornell lists the Schefflera plant as one house plant to avoid placing around your cat. I would go one step further and talk to your veterinarian about this habit – perhaps the cat is missing something in her diet. But who can really understand what is going on in the mind of a cat?  Either way, Fluffy’s vet is the best source of advice on how to curb her desire for green things or at least steer her to the correct green things she needs. The attached Cornell publication is a list of plants toxic to cats: