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Florida friendly landscaping

Q:   I would like the name of some native plants which will grow in this area?

A:   There are numerous lists of native plants to grow in Northeast Florida. If you are thinking about adding natives to your landscape I would encourage you to consider adding plants in small increments to determine how they will fit.  In addition, reflect on what you want to ultimately achieve. Is it your desire to attract wildlife? If so, remember birds, bees and butterflies will need to be protected from pesticides in order for your garden to be successful. When adding any plants to your home landscapes cluster them according to their needs. Full sun plants should be grown in full sun; partial shade plants will need to be protected from harsh afternoon light. Drought tolerate plants should be grown together and separated from plants requiring more water. Take into account the mature height and spread of the plants to allow for enough room to grow. One of the biggest mistakes made by home landscapers is to place plants too closely together which can increase disease opportunities. University of Florida has a publication, which is by no means complete, but it will give you a place to get started. The title of the publication is called, “Native Florida Plants for Home Landscapes”: