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retention pond

Q: I would like ideas for plants to put along my retention pond area.

Q:   I would like ideas for plants to put along my retention pond area.  I need plants that will help keep the soil in place but be able to stand occasional changes in the water line.  Sometimes the water is very high and other times it is not.

A:  The best source of information regarding homeowner plantings and how to care for a pond is University of Florida/IFAS publication titled “Creating a Wildlife Habitat with Native Florida Freshwater Wetland Plants”  There are several varieties of iris, hatpin, swamp sunflower, blazing star, lobelia, goldenrod, wax myrtle, bald cypress, Dahoon holly, or rain lily which would be good choices for your site.  The last publication listed above will give you numerous choices; many can be found at your local garden center.  Some plants are important for attracting wildlife, which would make them a good choice.   As with any landscape plant, do not over plant by choosing too many.  Err on the side of too few rather than too many.  This last publication also lists the plants to avoid such as Australian pine, water hyacinth, or water aloe.  No reason to start with a plant you know will eventually grow out of control.