Q: I let an area of my lawn empty for a few weeks as I was planning to re-sod. Now I have this weed all over the place. What is it?

A: Bringing in a fresh specimen during one of our plant clinics was beneficial. Often, when we describe weeds – they begin to all sound alike! Your weed is called carpetweed or green carpetweed, Mollugo verticillata, which is a common summer annual with a small white flower. The good news is this weed can only reproduce by seed so pulling it up before the seed has a chance to form and get into the ground is the ideal solution for controlling it. The red seeds are very tiny and spread easily by wind or water. It generally is only a problem when lawn grass is getting established as it does not compete well with healthy lawns. It is found throughout most of the United States as well as Canada and Mexico.


Posted: July 16, 2017

Category: Home Landscapes
Tags: Carpetweed, Mollugo Verticillata, Weed

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