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Eucalyptus globulus

Q:  My eucalyptus tree is dying from the bottom up.  I water it once a week.  What could be wrong?

A:  You most likely have one of the cultivars of Eucalyptus globulus which is not native to this country. It prefers well drained, acid soils.  I suspect with all the rain we have been receiving and the once a week watering, this tree has developed a root decay from which it cannot recover. There is no chemical fix for a root rot and the tree will probably slowly decline until it dies. There are a few things you could do to possibly slow the process.  Remove any mulch from around the root area, check for girdling or circling roots, cut and remove them. Remove any excess soil from around the roots – they should have only an inch or two of soil on top. Eucalyptus trees prefer a less humid environment found in most parts of California – very different from what we experience here in Northeast Florida.  Remember, most trees and shrubs do not require weekly irrigation unless we are going through a severe drought.  Whenever possible, irrigate flower beds, trees and shrubs separately from lawns as their needs are vastly different.