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‘Awabuki’ viburnum

Q: What can you tell me abut the ‘Awabuki’ viburnum?

Q:  What can you tell me abut the ‘Awabuki’ viburnum?
A:  ‘Awabuki’ is a specific cultivar of Viburnum odoratissimum or Sweet viburnum.  This cultivar has all the same characteristics of other Sweet viburnum but we do not plant it as often because it grows best Central and South Florida which are cold hardiness zone 9a-11. We are in zones 8b-9a. That does not mean it cannot survive here under certain conditions and in specific micro-climates. However, planting it here may put it under a stressful situation and cause it to not perform at its peak. ‘Awabuki’ can reach heights up to 20 feet with an equal spread. Allow for plenty of space otherwise you will spend too much time pruning which will cause you and the tree to be unhappy. ‘Awabuki’ tolerates most any sunlight and soil condition. It is susceptible to the same pests and disease of other viburnum – leaf spot being one of the more common problems. Like most any other woody ornamental shrub or tree, ‘Awabuki’ does not like to be watered by an overhead sprinkler system. The best method of irrigation is directly at the root area.  ‘Nanum’ is a dwarf variety which would work better in smaller landscape spaces.