Q: Last summer I found snails around my trees, which I have never noticed before this year. Are they going to kill my trees?

A: Many snails are found in trees, but only a few are exclusively arboreal (live in trees) for most or all of their life cycles. Tree snails are normally found on the ground only when they are depositing their eggs or when accidentally bumped to the ground. They are found mostly in warm, humid climates. Two families of tree snails are found in the United States – Bulimulidae and Pupillidae. Florida has 3 native Bulimulidae species, which feed on algae, fungi and lichens found in trees. Except for scientific study, these snails should not be collected since they are not pests and may actually be beneficial. Think of them as decorative tree cleaners. More than likely the snail you have encountered was “Manatee” snail ( Drymaeus dormani ),which is found in our area especially on citrus. Many of the others tree snails are located in south Florida, specifically the Keys.


Posted: July 6, 2017

Category: Home Landscapes
Tags: Beneficial, Bulimulidae, Drymaeus Dormani, Manatee Snail, Pupillidae

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