Q: My St. Augustinegrass is pale and it does not look healthy. What could be wrong?

A: After talking to you about how to care for your lawn grass we realized the lawn was not being watered deeply enough. St. Augustinegrass should be watered about 1 inch each time, which is quite a lot of water. This grass responds well to watering deeply but less often (preferably once every 5 -7 days) or as needed.

Once we discovered the pH of your soil was 7.5 (alkaline) it became evident that some of the nutrients were not available for the plant to absorb. St. Augustinegrass prefers the soil pH be around 6.5. It would be best to use slow release fertilizers that have the micro-element sulfur, which will temporarily lower the pH and help the plant’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs. There is no quick fix for high pH soil which is why it is so important to never add lime to our Florida soils unless your soil had been tested.



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Posted: July 3, 2017

Category: Home Landscapes, Lawn
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