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reel mower

Q:  I sometimes hear about different grasses needing either a reel mower or a rotary mower.  What are they talking about?  

A: Rotary mowers are the typical homeowner mowers that make horizontal cuts to the grass.  Rotary mowers operate using electricity or gas.  Reel mowers are the old fashioned mowers our grandparents grew up using.  Reel mowers make vertical cuts.  These mowers can be powered by gas or electricity but our grandparents used their physical strength and pushed the mowers.  You can see how that might not be very popular now but it interesting that some of the push mowers are making a come back.

The reason we may be seeing a resurgence of the reel mower is probably because of green industry trends.  More and more people are becoming interested in doing their part to protect the environment.  Reel mowers use no fossil fuel therefore they do not pollute the air.  They provide a good source of exercise.  What else could get our heart racing better than pushing around a mower at least once a week in the summer?  In addition, they are easy to maintain.  The blades would need to be cleaned after each use and sharpened at least once during the growing season