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Q:  Can I plant my freesia in the ground here in Northeast Florida? 

A:  Freesias do best as potted plants in Florida. Corms, which are specialized stems, should be dug up and stored when foliage turns yellow.  Digging them up each year and storing them in the refrigerator may be more trouble than it is worth but that decision is yours.  You have had great success growing them in pots so you might not want to ruin a good thing.  For those of you who would like to grow them in pots:  plant corms in pots from November to December about 2 inches deep in rich potting soil.  A six inch pot will accommodate about 3-6 corms.  Expect blooms to occur from January to February.  Freesia produces a variety of colors and prefers partial shaded light conditions.  I have been told that the most fragrant blooms are the white ones, so that may help you decide on which varieties to choose.  Freesia can be purchased at your local garden centers, nurseries and through reputable bulb catalog companies.