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kayaking on a lake

It Takes a Village

The Nassau County 4-H camping program offers all youth from ages 8-18 a fun opportunity to develop new knowledge, life skills, and leadership through a week-long stay at Camp Cherry Lake. The variety of classes, social events, and outdoor activities are more than just plain fun… 4-H prides itself on the ability to integrate STEM, life skills (like confidence and appreciation of differences), leadership and a sense of belonging into everything we do. The worst day of camp is the day we have to go home.

Duct-Tape Engineering Class

Needless to say our week at Cherry Lake is treasured. However, many families in Nassau County lack the ability to financially provide the means to send their children to camp, especially if there are multiple youth in the household. Our organization never wants to turn away youth based on finances and we strongly believe in the value of this experience! Every year the Nassau County 4-H program seeks financial assistance through various grants and scholarships. Donors like Rayonier and the Master Gardeners allow for scholarships for many of the applicants and the 4-H Association fund-raises throughout the year to help, but it isn’t always enough.

Luckily this year we were blessed with two community donors that provided scholarships from their own personal funds! One donor, Mr. Poore, donated enough so that two children could attend at a heavily discounted price and our second donor, Mrs. Fontz, sent a child on a 100% covered scholarship. Youth receiving a scholarship have sent handwritten thank you letters to their supporters. These thank you letters are more than just a piece of paper that we know will be treasured by our donors, it is tangible evidence that it takes a village to raise good youth. A few donated dollars can make the difference between just another summer break and a summer break where youth will develop into wonderful citizens.

After the infamous Marshmallow Paint Wars!

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