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Q:  What herbs can I grow here in the cool months?

A:  Cool season herbs are cilantro/coriander, dill, fennel, sorrel, thyme, sweet marjoram, oregano, salad burnet, St. Johns Wort, soap wort, lavender, and viola. Parsley and calendula can take the cold but they will show damage if the temperature drops below 20 degrees, however they will re-grow when temperatures rise again.  Nasturtiums, geraniums and lemon balm like cooler weather too but they cannot tolerate frost.  Many of these herbs are can be found in our local garden and nurseries.  Start out with a small area and try a few of your favorites.  Consider first growing those herbs you are fond of using in your favorite recipes.  Don’t be afraid to cut or use the herbs they will grow back quickly.  I believe everyone will notice how wonderful your recipes taste when you use freshly grown herbs.  Growing herbs is one of the easiest and most rewarding garden hobbies.  Have fun and good luck.