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Q:  You have borage listed as one the herbs to be grown in November.  Please tell me more about this plant. 

A:  The herb borage, Borago officinalis, is a reseeding annual herb. The leaves can be eaten raw or sautéed like spinach or added to cheese, fish, or poultry dishes.  In addition, like many other herbs, it can be added to enhance the flavor of vegetables, salad greens, and salad dressings. The bright, blue flowers make it a pretty addition to any wildflower garden but there is an added bonus of providing nectar to attract bees and butterflies.  Borage originated in the Middle East and according to legend considered a sign of bravery. Ancient Celtic warriors supposedly drank wine flavored with borage before battle to make them courageous.  Herbalists have suggested this herb can provide us with an inner calm and the Roman scholar Pliny considered it to be an antidepressant. Apparently, the flavor is similar to fresh cucumber, although I have never tasted it.