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lemon tree

Q:  How do I fertilize and prune my lemon trees? 

A:  Fertilization should occur in March and go through September.  No fertilizer should be applied October through February. Use 6-6-6 or 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 and sprinkle it all around the root area under the tree canopy.  Apply water directly to the fertilizer to allow it to reach the root area; about ¼ inch should be sufficient.  If you have purchased the spikes, crumble them up and sprinkle it all around the root area under the canopy.  Don’t forget to water after the application of fertilizer ¼ inch, similar to the other fertilizers.  I use a slow release general purpose fertilizer which is 10-10-10 and apply spring (March), summer (June) and fall (September).  It makes it easier to remember and I will fertilize my palms at the same time.  Pruning can begin in March but citrus really does not require a lot of pruning to fruit.  Cut out any dead or dying limbs, which can be done any time of year. Any limbs growing toward the center of the tree should be removed and any rubbing limbs can be cut back.  If the tree is too tall then consider taking a few years (3-5) to trim it back by using reduction cuts to take the tree down a foot or two at a time.  You might consider calling a tree company to do it for you if the tree is excessively tall.  No reason to put yourself in danger.