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Walter's Viburnum

Fact sheet: Dwarf Walter’s Viburnum


Dwarf Walter’s Viburnum
Viburnum obovatum ‘Densa’

This hardy plant is great for a semi-shady spot in your landscape.The name ‘Densa’ refers to its compact growing habit, only 4′ to 5′ high, which means that it does not need much pruning to stay nice and neat year round. In the spring, this evergreen covers itself in fragrant white flowers. Afterward, small red berries that ripen to black provide a feast for many birds, while the shrub itself provides good nesting cover. In the fall, ‘Densa’ continues to provide interest to the garden with its small oval shaped leaves which turn red. Like many Viburnums, ‘densa’ does not need much maintenance. A mild general purpose fertilizer can applied in the early spring. Once established, ‘densa’ has low to average water needs, and can take full to partial sun where soil drainage is good. This variety grows wild in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, and is truly a plant for all seasons.

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden



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