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fatsia japonica

Fact sheet: Fatsia japonica

The broad, deeply-lobed, dark green leaves and stiff stems of Fatsia create a bold landscape effect for any shady spot but it is especially well-suited for entranceways or container culture. Upright stems bend and curve their way to about eight feet tall before falling horizontally under their own weight. New sprouts often originate toward the base of older stems keeping the plant busy to the ground. Upright clusters of showy, creamy white flowers in fall are followed in winter by shiny, black, inedible fruit. Fruits persist on the prominent stalks for several weeks. Plant three feet apart in a mass planting for a coarse-textured effect.

Scientific name: Fatsia japonica
Pronunciation: FAT-see-uh juh-PAW-nick-uh
Common name(s): Fatsia

Fact sheet: Fatsia japonica

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