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Fact sheet: Chrysanthemum


Garden mums (Chrysanthemum x morifolium) give us a burst of color in the fall when used to replace the annuals we have enjoyed since spring. Mums provide color until freezing weather arrives.


Mums grow between 1½ to 3 feet tall depending on cultivar, growing conditions and whether they are pinched regularly during the growing season.

Growth Rate

Garden mums are hardy perennials throughout South Carolina, although many people treat them as short-season, fall-planted annuals. Chrysanthemums grown as perennials will spread rapidly. They should be divided every year or two.

Ornamental Features

Garden chrysanthemums are valued for their intense color display at the end of the growing season. Flowers are available in many forms and colors range from pure white to yellow, bronze, pink and lavender, coral and salmon, purple, and deep burgundy red.

Fact sheet: Chrysanthemum

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