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Cigar Plant

Fact sheet: Cigar Plant

Cuphea ignea
Cigar Plant, Cigar Flower

Year-round flowering, attractive small foliage, and a neat, round shape help to make cigar flower a nice addition to any landscape. It is not readily available in quantity, but can occasionally be purchased at specialty garden centers. Plants grow no more than about 2-feet-tall and 3-feet-wide and will attract attention in the shrub or perennial border. Many stems arise near the base of the plant but they branch infrequently. Flowers are continually produced on new growth during the warm seasons in Florida. It can be used as an annual bedding plant elsewhere because frost kills it to the ground.

Scientific name: Cuphea ignea
Pronunciation: KOO-fee-uh IG-nee-uh
Common name(s): cigar plant, cigar flower

Fact sheet: Cigar Plant

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