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Fact sheet: Caladiums


Scientific name: Caladium bicolor

Caladiums are members of the aroid family. People love to grow caladiums for their colorful leaves in pots, hanging baskets, in their yards, and many other locations.

Potted caladiums can instantly add color and bring life to any occasion in which they might be used.  In landscapes, they attract attention—whether just a few plants are grown or if they’re displayed in as a massive planting. Their bright colors and unique patterns are simply fascinating and inspiring!  Ultimately, few plants that can rival the beauty of caladiums.

Caladiums offer many wonderful benefits to you, either as professional greenhouse growers, experienced gardeners, or plants lovers.

To many people, caladiums are exotic and rare plants. This has been due in part to the limited supply of bulbs (botanically known as tubers) from which plants grow. Thanks to the efforts of the Florida caladium growers, however, more bulbs—and even better bulbs—have become available in recent years.

Fact sheet: Caladiums

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