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Autumn Sage

Fact sheet: Autumn Sage


Scientific name: Salvia gregii
Lamiaceae Family
Form: rounded irregular shrub or perennial
Seasonality: evergreen in Tucson, treated as annual elsewhere
Size: to 3ft with equal spread
Leaves: large variation, simple, elliptical, usually 1in long
Flowers: on stem terminals, spikes of trumpet-shaped, 1in flowers, color usually red, but varies; blooms intermittently from February to November
Fruit: small seed, not noticeable
Stems/Trunks: angular, new growth is lush green, old growth can be woody
Range/Origin: Chihuahuan desert
Hardiness: to single digits, some top damage may occur in teens

attracts humming birds

Exposure: full sun, gets leggy and flower production is poor in shade
Water: drought resistant; for best ornamental quality 1-2 times weekly during hot season
Soil: tolerant, good drainage
Propagation: seed okay, more commonly by vegetative cuttings
Maintenance: low, prune back drastically to encourage lush growth and good flowering

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